• Vitacost: Amazing deals on supplements, cleaning supplies, some pantry food items and bathroom stuff. Great choice of “natural” and “organic” products.  Free shipping on items over $49.
  • Amazon: Obviously. Great deals on subscriptions for things we use a lot like diapers. I also get cases of coconut milk and other staples here with free 2 day shipping.
  • Great Marsh Artisan Skincare: Just giving myself a little plug.

Life & Household Resources

  • MassResources: A wonderful online resource for Massachusetts residents to learn about what sort of help you might qualify for.  An easy to understand calculator tells you which programs you might be able to use and how.
  • Action Inc.: “To improve the quality of life for disadvantaged residents of Cape Ann and beyond by minimizing the effects of poverty, promoting economic security, and advocating for social change.”
  • Mountain Rose Herbs: An online store for any herb, essential oil, tea that you might need or want to make your own home made bath and body products and household cleaners.  Great prices, high quality, crazy slow and expensive shipping.  Hippies.
  • The Healthy Home Economist: Blog with lots of info on making your home cleaner, greener and healthier.
  • Wise Bread: I refer to this site all the time for amazing tips on frugality and simplicity.
  • Crunchy Betty: Great blog with tons of tips and recipes for home made skincare.
  • Lehmans: A classic.  Get all your old timey homesteading stuff here.
  • Vermont Country Store: And anything you cant find there, try here.

Children and Parenting

  • MassAudubon: We love the Audubon! Most people live close to an Audubon center.  We get an annual membership, and use their amazing resources all the time for very little money or none at all.  The education centers are top-notch, the “teachers” and naturalists are amazing at what they do, they do an invaluable service.  Kids thrive on being in nature, and this is a way to have an adventure-like vacation right in your backyard.
  • The YMCA: An incredible organization that doesn’t turn anyone away for lack of funds.  We use our local Y almost daily.  The kids love playing int he children’s room while we exercise.  We also do swim and dance lessons here for a very low fee.  There is always a kid-friendly, healthy activity going on over here.
  • Good Enough Mothering: A psychologist after my own heart.  A wonderful blog for those of us who just do our best and let the rest go.
  • Children and Nature Network: The benefits of free, outdoor play for our children and the world are immeasurable. This is a great resource and a wonderful organization.
  • Play at Home Parenting: A blog with some awesome, creative, fun ideas for entertaining and educating kiddos through creative play on the cheap.
  • North Shore Kid: A really comprehensive calendar of all the kid-friendly stuff going on in our neighborhood.

Food and Diet

  • Local Harvest: Where to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
  • Cultures for Health: I love this site! It’s full of great information, really easy instruction and comprehensive FAQs to get you started on fermenting your own food.  I order yogurt and kefir cultures from here that are so easy, so healthy and such a great price.  Most cultures will last forever, so for about $11 and a little bit of time investment, you can keep your family in super-alive probiotic-rich fermented dairy products. Have I told you about the Viili I make with heavy crem? To die for.
  • Nourished Kitchen: A great blog with some great real food recipes, many kid and family friendly.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple: My most favorite paleo resource, and a great place to start asking questions.
  • Perfect Health Diet: “a great way to understand the dietary and nutritional practices that lead to perfect health.
  • Nourishing Our Children: Resources for parents who want to transition their family to a healthy, traditional diet.
  • Food Renegade: Take back your food!
  • Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center: “MassBudget provides independent research and analysis of state budget and tax policies, as well as economic issues, with particular attention to the effects on low- and moderate-income people. MassBudget also produces reports on specific topics such as education, health care, economic development and tax policy.”
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: This is where you go for those elusive “jobs numbers” and to get the straight dope.
  • MoveOn: Take action.
  • Elizabeth Warren for Senate: My girl.
  • The Atlantic Monthly: Great writing and interesting commentary.  Real journalism is so hard to find.
  • Vetrans for Peace: I love their work, and I’m a proud member and ally.  No, I’m not a vet.
  • Planned Parenthood: When you’re a woman, and especially a poor and/or uninsured woman, Planned Parenthood has your back.
  • Harper’s Magazine: Just knowing of it’s existence makes you smarter and more interesting.
  • The Other 98%: Because the middle class is too big to fail.