I started this blog in September 2011 from a bad place that was about to get worse.  I started writing out of sheer desperation to communicate to the world about how bad things are for some of us.  This is a blog about everything- parenting, skills, urban homesteading, frugality, simplicity, the new economy, unemployment, poverty, health, food, home economics.  There’s going to be a bunch of pissed-offedness.  I’m not doing this frugal homesteading stuff because I want to so much as because I have to, and in October, things are about to get a lot worse for us. This isn’t going to be some cutesy adventure with pictures of me smiling in an antique apron- this is borne from desperation, frustration and anger.

I live in Massachusetts on the Other Cape with my husband and two little ones.  In 2010, my husband was laid off from his job in economic consulting.  He was laid off the week he returned to work after our son was born.  It’s been a year and a half.  We have used up all of our savings and now are living just on our unemployment check.  Those checks stop in seven more weeks.  It’s crunch time.